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Welcome to this exclusive online percentage calculator by Calculator Bay. Here you can find the percentage among multiple numbers quickly, such as “X is what percent of Y” and many other percentage differences between two values.

Percentage Calculator

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Full-Screen Percentage Calculator

This percentage difference calculator computes the percentage difference between two values with high accuracy. Meanwhile, check out our full-screen Percentage Calculator, making it easier to calculate your percentage online without any distraction in fullscreen.

Online Percentage Calculator

Online Percentage Calculator enables its users to compute percentage differences of multiple kinds among big numbers with ease. Meanwhile, you can determine the percentage increase and the percentage decrease from one value to another value in this high-precision percent calculator.

In fact, you can use this scientific calculator to find the percentage of simple mathematical numbers with convenience.

How to use the Percentage Calculator?

We have designed this calculator keeping users convenience in mind. Hence you can use this online calculator by following these easy steps to find the percentage. Firstly, enter values for two variables, x, and y, respectively.

Afterward, select any of the operations from the next section. Finally,  hit the calculate button to perform the desired function. On the contrary, you can always reset the calculator to perform other operations or if something goes wrong.

Features of Percentage Calculator Visualized

Features of the Calculator

This calculator has multiple modules to offer for its users. The Calculator is mainly divided into four parts. So, In the first section user can select two values or variables to perform selective operations. Meanwhile, the next section is dedicated to the operations. Users can choose either of these to perform an operation on the variables selected above.

Here is the list of key operations users can perform in this calculator as per recent updates. 

“What is the Y percentage of X.”

“X is the Y percentage of what.”

“What percentage of X is Y.”

“X percentage of what is Y.”

“Y percentage of X is what.”

“Percentage Increase from X to Y.”

“Percentage Decrease from X to Y.”

“X is what percentage of Y.”

The percentage difference between the two values.

While, In the next two sections, you have controls to calculate the percentage between two numbers online or reset the calculator’s memory to find the percentage from another option again.

Meanwhile, the last section of this calculator holds the result of your calculation. However, this section is also used to notify you if something noteworthy happens.

Few More Features

This Calculator has easy to use and easy-to-understand User Interface. The result percentage in this calculator is rounded for the ease of users.

You can calculate the precise percentage with multiple variants available. Such as, you can either find the percentage on money or decimals using this calculator. Moreover, you can calculate the percentage increase from zero to whatever figure that suits you.

Calculator Bay offers a Fullscreen Percentage Calculator to determine the percentage among multiple numbers in the fullscreen without disturbance.

Above all, Desktop and PC users can enjoy keyboard support.

Meanwhile, there is touch support for the users using our online percentage calculator on their mobile phones, tablets, and other touch-supported devices.

Percentage Formula

The percentage equation to calculate the percentage of a mathematical number is Point % * Value X = Value Y. Using this percentage formula, you can find the percentage of number out of number.

For instance, if you want to find out what is Y percent of X, then enter your values in respective input boxes. Select your suitable option, which in this case is the first one afterward; hit the calculate button to find out the error-free percentage online.

Indeed users can use this calculator to determine the percentage of amounts using the percentage formula given before.

Visualization of Percentage Calculator Formula

Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculation

Calculator Bay offers a percentage change calculator for its users. Indeed, users can figure out both the percentage uplift and the percentage decline, respectively, using this online percentage change calculator. 

First of all, select the numbers X and Y to figure out the percentage reduction or increase between them. Afterward, select this option “% From X to Y?” from the options available.

At last, hit the calculate button to find if there is, percentage reduction or percentage raise.

The percentage calculated using this function would be positive in the case of percentage gain. And the resulting percentage would be negative if there is a decrease instead of growth in percentage.

Percentage Difference Calculation

Even Calculator Bay users can find out the percentage variance between the two large numbers using our online percentage calculator.

Firstly, please enter the two numbers, let’s say X and Y, in their respective input boxes. Then select this option “% Difference is?” out of the options available. Later, tap on the calculate button to figure out the percentage comparison between your provided statistics.

Reverse Percentage Calculation

Here, users can find out the reverse percentage for this purpose enter the concerning values in the input boxes. Firstly, enter your final value, let’s say X. Then, enter your percentage value, let’s say Y. 

Now, select the second option that is “X is Y % of What?” to figure out the original number, X is the percentage of. That is how you can determine the original number using this backward percentage function in this calculator.

Percentage Calculator Explained

There are a total of eight variant functions available in this calculator on the basic problems involving percentages. Such as “What is the Y percentage of X,” “X is the Y percentage of what,”  and “Percentage Increase from X to Y.”

These variant options can help you out solving routine percentage problems in less than a minute. Moreover, you can look at the examples given below to understand the calculator better.

How to calculate 10 percent off a price?

You can calculate ten percent of a price by simply using the first variant of options in this calculator, which is “What is Y % of X?”. First, enter your total price as the value of X and ten as the value of Y. Then, select the option mentioned earlier to calculate the percentage online.

How to calculate 20 percent off a price?

In the same vein, we can calculate twenty percent of the original price by repeating the drill we practiced above. The sole difference, in this case, would be the values of X and Y. 

So, enter the total price as the value of X and twenty as the value Y. At last, tap on the calculate button to calculate the percentage of the original price.

Percentage Calculation Example

Finally, let’s find out what 20% of 130 is? Firstly, convert this in the form of a percentage equation as mentioned above, Point % * Value X = Value Y. Here, Point is 20 and X is 130. So, the equation after substituting values is  20% * 130 = Value Y.

Now, convert the 20% to a decimal value by removing the percentage sign and dividing it by 100. So, after division, the percentage equation becomes 0.20 * 130  =  Y. After further simplification, the result is 15. Hence, Y = 15.

That is how we used to calculate the percentage before. Now, after the launch of this percentage calculator, you can perform this task in less than a minute with ease.


How to calculate the percentage in the calculator?

You can calculate the percentage of a number in this calculator in simple steps. First, enter your first number as the value of X and the second number as Y’s value. Then, select one of the percentage options of your requirement to calculate the percentage online.

What is the percent difference vs. percent change?

The percentage difference is simply the difference between the percentages or numbers with respect to their percentage. Meanwhile, the percentage change is either an increase or a decrease in the percentage of a concerning number.

How to increase a number by a percentage?

You can increase a number by a  percentage while using a percentage calculator. Simply enter your number and provide the percentage to increase and Calculate to have your desired result.

How to use the Google or Bing percentage calculator?

There is no such google or bing percentage calculator as per recent updates. When you search it in google, it redirects you to its default calculator. In comparison, Bing shows several other tools as a typical Search Engine. Meanwhile, you can always use this percentage calculator for percentage calculations.