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Use this extensive online age calculator by Calculatobay. As here, you can determine your age with ease, at the comfort of a few clicks.


Full-Screen Age Calculator

Sometimes we have to fill out forms for our jobs and other applications in which we are required to enter our age in months and days. In such scenarios, our Lived Life Duration Calculator comes handy. Meanwhile, you can use our full-screen age calculator to avoid distractions while calculating your age.

Moreover, use this TDEE Calculator to determine your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and use the results to carve up a healthy lifestyle accordingly and get fit if you are not already, for your next birthday.

Online Age Calculator

Usually, it takes a lot of effort just to calculate the actual age of yourself or your loved ones. In such effortful times, our Age Calculator comes handy.

How to use the Age Calculator?

First of all, this Calculator is relatively easy to use. So, it allows you to calculate your age at the cost of a few clicks. Firstly enter your name in the dialog box for a better user experience. 

Afterward, enter your date of birth, and you are good to calculate your age. Meanwhile, hit the calculate button, a dialog box will appear showcasing your age. Most Importantly, this dialog box exhibits your age in years, months, days, and real-time seconds. 

Indeed, it holds a special message for you as well. If today is your birthday, calculate your age for a surprise.

Details of Age Calculator

Features of Age Calculator

This age calculator has three interactive sections. So, its first section is where you are required to report your credentials. While in the last two sections, you have two controls. The first one is for the calculation of your age online, and the second one is for the resetting calculator’s memory for reuse.

Meanwhile, the in-between section of these two holds your calculated age in years, months, days, minutes, and real-time seconds respectively. It also contains a special message for our users, and if today is your birthday, calculate your age for a surprise.

Features of Age Calculator

Extended Features

You can calculate your accurate age with ease.

Age is calculated in real-time years, months, days, minutes, and seconds respectively.

Easy to use and easy to understand User Interface.

Full-Screen age calculator for the determination of age without distraction.

Keyboard support for our desktop and PC users.

Touch support for our users using our online Lived Life Duration Calculator on their mobile phones and tablets.


What is Age?

Age is a period or a span of time. Meanwhile, the age of a person is the time that person has lived throughout his life. It can either be in years, months, or days minutes.

How to Calculate age manually?

If you are familiar with the date of birth, you can calculate the age manually. Simply subtract your date of birth from the current date. For this purpose, you can use our online calculator.