Pascal Case Converter

This Pascal Case Converter is a simple tool that makes converting plain text into a Pascal case effortless. While in Pascal case, spaces between words in a sentence are removed and the first letter of each word is capitalized.

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Meanwhile, trying to convert all the text in your project to the Pascal case manually can be tedious and time-consuming. Now there’s an easier way to do it with our free Pascal Case Converter tool.

Online Text Pascal Case Converter

Pascal Case is a form of text capitalization named after the mathematician Blaise Pascal. It capitalizes the first letter of every word and leaves lowercase letters in place while removing the empty spaces in between words.

For example, “Calculatorbay pascal case converter” becomes “CalculatorbayPascalCaseConverter”.

When it comes to programming, you are not only shaping the logic but also the way other programmers will read and understand your code.

Code is communication between developers, after all. It’s no wonder that there are multiple naming conventions used in different programming languages to format variable names and class names.

Pascal Case is used almost everywhere. It’s a convention inherited from Modula-2, which was used as a basis for one of the first object-oriented programming languages, namely Object Pascal.

Even though the Pascal case is not as popular in coding today as it used to be, it is still widely used for variables, constants and function names.

Pascal Case Converter - Features

Example Of Pascal Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Pascal Letter Case
I am in normal letter caseIAmInPascalLetterCase

Benefits Of Pascal Case

Most importantly, the couple of benefits of using pascal case:

The purpose of variables or functions lies in their name. No matter how short or long your code is, once you scroll through it, you will always see what you’re looking for in the name of the variable (or function).

It’s easier to read when you can skim through the text quickly without getting lost because of missing spaces between words or letters not capitalized at all.


What are the requirements of the Pascal Case?

The only requirement is that the first character of each word must be a capital letter with no space in between the words.

What are the uses of Pascal Case?

The most important use of Pascal Case is it is used in naming, classes, variables, function and methods in programming for better readability.