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Now you guys can easily convert your plain text into dot case with this amazing Dot Case Converter. In dot case nomenclature, you replace the spaces between words with dots (.). It is a common practice in programming languages since it’s more efficient when naming and calling files and variables.

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Most importantly, this converter was designed to help you convert any plain text into dot case nomenclature. So, if you have a plain text file with words that are not in dot case, then you can use this converter to achieve your goal of converting that plain text into dot case.

Online Text Dot Case Converter

Most importantly, in programming when you write or call some functions or variables, you follow a naming convention which includes dots (.) in between words.

For example, if you’re writing a function name Calculatorbay.Dot.Case(text) then it’s pretty obvious that you are using dot case naming convention to name or call your function.

Therefore, this is very common in programming and the dot case naming convention is followed by most of the programming languages.

Till now if you want to replace those empty spaces with a full stop (.) or a dot (.), then the only option available was to manually replace them one by one.

But we’ve created an amazing functionality in our tool which automatically replaces all the empty spaces with dots/full stops for you.

Dot Case Converter - Features

Example Of Dot Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Dot Letter Case
I am in normal letter

Features Of Dot Case Converter

You can use the converter for any file that is in plain text and it does not need to be a Microsoft Word document or any other specific file type. It will work on any plain text file and you can use it as long as you like.


What’s the Dot Case?

The dot case is a method of writing software components and modules that uses dots to separate words. For example, “new-user” is written as “new.user” in dot case. Dot case is often used in programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby. This Dot Case Converter can replace the empty spaces between words with a dot or full stop (.) character.

How to convert plain text into dot case?

You can easily convert your text into dot case with this Dot Case Converter. Simply, enter your text in the dedicated textbox and click the “” button. Afterwards, copy the resultant text and reuse it as per your convenience.