Sentence Case Converter

Have you ever had to format a long text document and found it a tedious process? Well, you won’t ever have to do it again. This Sentence Case Converter will save you hours of formatting time. You can use this tool to format your text and make it look tidy and readable.

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Sentence case

Sentence case is one of the many different ways of capitalizing letters in text. Unlike most of the other methods, however, sentence case formats only the first word in a sentence and any proper nouns.

Online Text Sentence Case Converter

This sentence case converter helps you convert text to sentence case. It is easy to use. Just enter text in the text box and click the “Sentence case” button.

It’s not just for writers. If you are preparing a presentation with several slides, or just want to make any document more readable, this sentence case converter is the best tool for the job.

Because sentence case formats the beginning of every sentence, it is often used in legal documents because it clearly defines words that are changing from one part of speech to another.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an effective way of converting your documents into the sentence case, then you can use this online sentence case converter on this page anytime you want!

Sentence Case Converter - Features

Example Of Sentence Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Sentence Letter Case
i am in normal letter caseI am in the sentence letter case

Features Of Sentence Case

To capitalize words in sentence case, you only have to worry about the first word in a sentence and proper nouns.

A sentence case is one of the easiest ways to format text because it doesn’t require much thinking. Meanwhile, this exciting tool is programmed to do this job for you in seconds.

A couple of outstanding features of this exciting writing style are following:

First of all, sentence case, also known as sentence caps, is a style of writing most commonly used.

Moreover, this style is known for its simplicity and being compact.


What is a Sentence Case?

Sentence Case, also known as sentence caps, is a style of writing which is commonly practiced in writing. Meanwhile, in this style of writing the starting letter of a sentence is capitalized while the other remains in lower case except for proper nouns.

How to convert plain text into the Sentence Case?

Converting plain text into the sentence is quite easy if you use this Sentence Case Converter.