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Calculator Bay is featuring an ultimate download time calculator to calculate the remaining or total download time of a file in KBs, MBs, GBs, and TBs, respectively, with high accuracy.

Calculate Download Time


Full-Screen Download Time Calculator

Certainly, Users can use this free calculator to calculate the actual remaining download time for downloading a game, software, or other online files from the internet. In addition, likewise, other calculators on Calculator Bay users can use this download time calculator in fullscreen mode as well.

Online Download Time Calculator

This accurate calculator has made it super easy for the users to determine the total or remaining download time of an online file. This calculation is based on the size of the file and the speed of the internet connection.

Moreover, users can also determine how much time it would take to upload a file on the internet from local storage based on the internet speed with latency in consideration.

Additionally, the users can use the File & Data Transfer Calculator to determine the transfer speed of a file or data online.

Also, check this Bandwidth calculator to calculate the processing time of the information over the internet.

How to use the Download Time Calculator?

Download time calculator is designed keeping a fine user experience in mind to provide ease in its usability as provided in other calculators on this website.

At first, enter the speed of your internet based on either Kbps, Mbps, and Gbps or KB/s, MB/s, and GB/s which varies with the bandwidth. Afterward select your file size based on either KiloBytes, MegaBytes, and GigaBytes or TeraBytes.

At last, hit the “Calculate” button to get your resultant total time with the delay it would take to download the file of size you entered earlier. Additionally, users can use the “Reset” button to reset the calculator for reuse.

Features of the Download Time Calculator

Features of the Download Duration Calculator

Users can determine the time it would take to download a game, movie, or any other online file from the internet via this calculator. This calculator is mainly divided into three chunks.

Firstly, there is a section where users can input the speed of their internet. Secondly, there is a dedicated section for users to input the size of the concerning file they are looking forward to download from the internet.

Meanwhile, in the last section, users can calculate the estimated time it would take to transfer the concerning file of the size they provided from the internet to local storage. Additionally,  they can reset the calculator’s memory to calculate the download time of another file or simply for its reuse.

Features of this download time calculator in a nutshell:

Users can get an estimate of the time to download the file from the internet.

Internet speed can either be in Kb/s, Mb/s, and Gb/s or KBs, MBs, and GBs.

File size can either be in KB, MB, GB, or TB.

Users can reset the calculator’s memory for reuse.

PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Mobile(Android, Apple) users can also use this calculator on either device due to its responsive design.

Download duration left is calculated in the format of  Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. 

Internet Speed of Different Technologies

Internet ConnectionConnection Speed – Estimate
Traditional Modem30 Kb/s – 1 Mb/s
DSL Modem56 Kb/s – 25 Mb/s
ADSL512 Kb/s – 35 Mb/s
LAN10 Mb/s – 100 Mb/s
3G7.2 Mb/s
4G80 Mb/s
5G1 Gb/s
Fiber Optics1000 Mb/s

Download Size of General File Types

File TypeFile Size – Estimate
Email Page30 KB
Web Page600 KB
Image1 MB
Mp3 File10 MB
Youtube Video150 MB
SD Movie1 GB
HD Movie4 GB
Games1 – 20 GB

Download Time Calculation Formula

We can determine the download duration of an online file on the network using the following relationship equation.

Time (seconds) = File Size (Unit) / Internet Speed (Unit)

So, the equation above demonstrates the file download meter calculation rules. Meanwhile, “Time” is the total download time in seconds. Subsequently, “File Size” denotes the size of the online file, and “Internet Speed” is the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, the total download time is file size divided by internet speed.

Bytes Vs. Bits

Bits and Bytes both are units of digital information. Meanwhile, a bit is the smallest unit among other digital information units. The only possible values of a bit are either “0” or “1”, or in other words, “On” or “Off.”

On the other hand, bytes are composed of eight bits. They are used to store meaningful digital information. Bytes are denoted by capital “B” such as KB and MB, while bits are represented by small “b” such as Mb and Tb. 


How to increase download speed?

Download speed is purely based on your Internet Service Provider. Yet you can increase your download speed by downloading one file at a time, disconnecting unnecessary devices, using third-party download managers. Sometimes switching to a new internet modem or access point does the job, last but not the least you can definitely increase your download speed by switching to a new internet connection with high speed.

How long does it take to download a 100Gb game?

It totally depends upon the speed of your internet connection. In case you have an internet speed of 80 Mbs per second, it would take approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 40 seconds to download a game of 100Gb.

What is a good internet speed in Mbps?

Anything above 20 Mbps is considered a good internet speed for most online activities such as gaming, streaming, and Netflix.

What is the difference between MBps and Mbps?

MBps represents the megabytes per second and, Mbps represents the megabits per second. Meanwhile, 1 byte is made up of 8 bits. So, 1 MBps is equal to 8 Mbps.

Are download time calculators 100 percent accurate?

We have tried our best to meet or mimic the real-time scenario the most. But it is not possible to predict the purely accurate download time as it can vary from device to device due to latency, jitter, or noise and whether your devices are working at their full potential or not.