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aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

In the Internet age, Alternating Case is particularly popular among internet users who believe it looks cool. Meanwhile, Troutspeak and Alternating Caps are also names for this writing style. While this style of writing can be useful in some situations, taken to extremes, it can make your text extremely difficult to read.

Online Text Alternating Case Converter

Alternating Case writing has become associated with the Internet because of its common use in online communication, especially in newsgroups, e-mail, chat rooms, social media platforms and online forums.

Meanwhile, it is often used by those who want their message to stand out from the rest, although it can also be used to attract attention to something the writer considers important.

Moreover, Alternating case writing can also be a way to show emotion. Those who are angry sometimes use alternating case writing to make their point more strongly.

Similarly, alternating case writing can stand for sarcasm, since it looks intriguing when written out in this format.

Some people who use alternating case writing do so because they think it looks “cool”; when you’re trying to impress someone with the quality of your writing, this is not the way to go.

Alternating Case Converter - Features

Example Of Alternating Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Alternating Letter Case
I am in normal letter casei aM In aLtErNaTiNg lEtTeR CaSe

Features & Drawbacks Of Alternating Case

Few benefits of using an alternating case style of writing which makes it worth using.

First of all, it can make your content stand out.

Furthermore, the alternating case makes your text intriguing and eye-catching.

Finally, this style of writing can sometimes depict your emotions in your writing.

Note: Although alternating case style is not popular among professionals. But you can still use it to stress some points in your writing keeping it short and brief without overusing it.

A person who alternates their case is called an “all-capser”, “screamer” or “shouter” and has been referred to as a “Trout” because it makes their writing resemble the way fish are variously said to write in bubbles underwater (which are small, but raised above the surface) or in the air (by moving their fins).

Alternating case writing is a matter of personal preference, but it’s important to note that it’s considered by many to be an error and some people may find it difficult to read.


What is the Alternating Case?

The alternate case is a paragraph style of writing where each letter in a word is written in a different letter case. This style of writing is commonly practiced on the internet. An example of an alternating case style is “i aM An eXaMpLe oF AlTeRnAtInG CaSe sTyLe”.

How to convert plain text into Alternating Case style?

Fortunately, with the advent of this exciting Alternating Case Converter now you can simply convert your plain text in the said writing style. Simply enter your text in the text box and hit the “aLtErNaTiNg cAsE” button to get the desired results.