Hyphen Case Converter

Now you guys can easily convert your text into the hyphen case with this amazing Hyphen Case Converter. Hyphen case goes by many names such as Kebab Case, Spinal Case, Param Case, Lisp Case, Slug Case, and Dash Case. They all represent the lower case text in which empty spaces are replaced with hyphens (-).

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Why Hyphen Case is also known as Kebab Case?

The name Kebab Case comes from its resemblance to the kebabs easily found in the middle east in which the meat is cooked on sticks in a similar manner (shashlik). Therefore, we call the hyphen case a kebab case as well.

Online Text Hyphen Case Converter

Now, if you are a programmer and want to name your files according to the coding standards then this hyphen case converter tool will help you serve your purpose.

It is an amazing functionality of this little tool that lets you replace the empty spaces in between your words with hyphens (-).

Meanwhile, this functionality comes in handy while naming files or configuring URL paths. Hence making the job of naming files easier for users especially for programmers.

This style of casing is often used for lists, tables and directory structures.

For example, if you have a file name: “calculatorbay hyphen case converter”, with the help of this hyphen case converter tool, you can easily convert it into: “calculatorbay-hyphen-case-converter”.

Hyphen Case Converter - Features

Example Of Hyphen Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Hyphen Letter Case
I am in normal letter casei-am-in-hyphen-letter-case

Other Names Of Hyphen Case

Hyphen case is also known by multiple name they all represent different naming conventions but serves the same purpose with exactly same functionality.

So, you can use this hyphen case converter to convert your text into following mentioned cases as well:

Keep in mind all of these mentioned letter cases have exactly same properties and they serve the same purpose.

Kebab Case

Spinal Case

Param Case

Lisp Case

Slug Case

Dash Case


What is hyphen case?

Hyphen case is a way to write text where all letters are in lowercase and the empty spaces are replaced by a hyphen (-).

What are other names for the hyphen case?

Hyphen case exists for a long time. It goes by many names, it’s also known as kebab case, spinal case, param case, lisp case, slug case, and dash case.