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Now you guys can easily convert your text file or document into the Camel Case online with this amazing Camel Case Converter. Moreover, you can also copy the subsequent resulting text to reuse it in other documents to serve the main purpose of this exciting tool.

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Camel case is a style of writing compound words or phrases in which the word is written as one word but pronounced as two. In addition, it is also known by many other names such as camel caps and humpback style.

Meanwhile, the term “hump” comes from the humps on a camel, which looks like the humps on the case of an uppercase letter in typography.

Case Converter

Online Text Camel Case Converter

First of all, the camel case is a style of writing words where the first lower case letter is followed by each word starting with a capital letter and no spacing in between. 

For example, “Calculator Bay Camel Case Converter” becomes “calculatorBayCamelCaseConverter“.

Meanwhile, the camel case is common to use for variable names in many programming languages. Subsequently, in JavaScript and other programming languages, you guys can use it for naming objects, properties and functions as well as variable.

Likewise, the camel case makes the compound words more readable and easier to understand.

Meanwhile, the camel case is common in computer file names, URL paths, XML element names, and HTML attribute names.

Camel Case Converter - Features

Example Of Camel Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Camel Letter Case
I am the text in a normal letter caseiAmTheTextInTheCamelLetterCase

Features Of Camel Case

Although, the use of camel case in computer programming has not been without criticism. While some commentators find it redundant or even claim it can be harmful. Yet people across the programming world widely practice this convention.

In addition to computer programming, the use of the camel case is also common in many other technical fields such as electronics, telecommunications, banking, retail, and business in general.


What is the camel case?

CamelCase (also known as medial capitals, intercaps, or “camel caps”) is the practice of writing compound words or phrases in which the elements are joined without spaces. The initial letters of the components are capitalized, except for the first word.

Why do we use the Camel Case?

Camel case is widely used in software programming and is a rule for creating compound words or phrases. In most cases, the first letter of each word except for the first word is capitalized. It is also called medial capitals.
This naming convention started with the Pascal programming language which had a lot of influence from the German language. Camel case was also popularized by the Internet where compound words are common.