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We proudly offer the world’s simplest Inverse Case Converter for web developers, programmers and content writers. Just paste text in the text box below, press the “iNVERSE Case” button, and you get inverted case text.

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Most importantly, tons of useful applications of inverse text cases are constantly emerging in various fields. So, you are free to use our tool for personal and commercial purposes. Meanwhile, with just one click you can revert the letter case.

Case Converter

Online Text Inverse Case Converter

We take our users seriously, and that’s why we created a simple yet powerful tool for you to invert the case in a snap.

Unfortunately, most of today’s word processing software applications do not offer this feature by default.

However, you can use this free tool that helps you to quickly and easily switch letter cases online.

One of the most important use cases of this inverse case converter is the following: You forgot to switch Caps Lock while typing so you can easily revert the letter case of your text document to normal without any need of retyping the whole document again thus saving you a lot of time.

Inverse Case Converter - Features

Example Of Inverse Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Inverse Letter Case
I am in normal letter casei AM IN INVERSE LETTER CASE

Features Of Inverse Case Converter

The main features of this exciting online tool which lets you revert the case of your text document include:

First of all, you can use this simple tool to revert the case of all available alphabet characters:

Secondly, the other main advantage of this online tool is that it’s fast, easy and free to use.

Most importantly, you don’t have to download any software or plugin. All you need to do is to type your text in the text box provided on the page, click on the “iNVERSE Case” button to revert the case with ease.


What are the applications of Inverse Case Converter?

This tool is especially useful if you accidentally switched the Caps Lock on your keyboard while typing a long document. So, by using this tool, you will be able to simply switch the letter case of the whole document back to normal with just a single click! This conversion process can save you a lot of time and prevent possible errors down the line.

How to use the Inverse Case Converter?

Inverse Case Converter is quite simple and easy to use. Simply paste your text in the dedicated text box and hit the “iNVERSE Case” button to get the job done in a snap.