Path Case Converter

We proudly offer this amazing Path Case Converter so you can convert plain string or text to the path case with each word in lowercase and separated by a slash. For example, “calculatorbay converter” becomes “calculatorbay/converter”. Most importantly you guys can use this tool for naming *nix paths and URLs.

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This is a useful tool for ensuring that when you are referencing a file or directory, that it is being referenced correctly. This is particularly useful when writing scripts and programs.

Online Text Path Case Converter

It is a simple tool useful for generating paths from plain text. This path case converter generates a path by first converting words to lowercase, followed by a slash, then joining them together with no punctuation.

For example, “calculatorbay path case conversion tool” becomes “calculatorbay/path/case/conversion/tool”.

This simple tool is quite easy to use. So, to use this tool, simply type text into the text box and click on the “path/case” button. It automatically converts the text into a path case.

This tool is useful for generating paths from plain text on the go, rapidly and without having to remember the entire path yourself.

Path Case Converter - Features

Example Of Path Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Path Letter Case
I am in normal letter casei/am/in/path/letter/case

Features Of Path Case Converter

Most importantly, you can perform the following functions with this tool for your convenience:

Firstly, reset the content of the text box/editor to its original state.

Secondly, you can perform the Undo and Redo functions on recent conversions in case you forgot something or didn’t like the results at all.

Most important of all, you can simply copy the content of the text box with a simple click to reuse the resultant text.

Lastly, you can use the clear button to clear the content and the memory of this tool with a single click for a fresh start.


How to convert text to Path Case?

It is quite simple to convert your plain text into the path case. All you need is path case converter and you are good to go. Simply paste your text in the dedicated text box and convert it into the path case with ease.

What are the uses of path case converter?

The primary use of the path case converter is to convert a string of characters into a path string. It makes it easy to simply convert the file names into readable path or URL.