Random Case Converter

Thank you for visiting this online Random Case Converter. This tool randomizes all the letters’ cases online and it does so by selecting the case randomly while converting letters. Therefore, some letters became uppercase and others became lowercase.

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Converting text to random case letters is useful for creating security codes. A security code consists of letters and numbers. The randomness helps create a code that can be difficult to crack. When you convert the text to the random case, it is not in a pattern.

Online Text Random Case Converter

Converting text to random case letters can be helpful when creating passwords or other security codes. 

Passwords are often hard to remember and they need to be unique among all the accounts you have. It is best to use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers in your password.

The problem with a normal text case is that usually there’s a recognizable pattern in it. With the random letter cases, the chances of someone guessing the correct word after seeing only a few characters are much lower.

Converting text to random letters has become a very popular task among the programmers recently.

There are many ways of converting text to random letters, each one of them has its pros and cons. With this online tool, you can convert a block of text into an array of random characters with no prior programming skills!

Random Case Converter - Features

This random letter case is also known as the stylish text art format. So, convert any text into stylish text art format. After conversion, some characters become big and some small. You can freely convert selected or whole text. You can use this tool to get a cool message for your friends or to create awesome profile texts for social networks.

Example Of Random Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Random Letter Case
I am in normal letter casei aM iN rANdOm LEtteR CASe

Features Of Random Case

The features that make this amazing tool stand out:

We are happy to introduce this free online tool. You can call it letters case randomizer or mix text case changer.

Enter some text and get an instant preview. No need to download fancy software or programs, just use it online.

This is a simple way to add chaos to your texts. Generate random lowercase letters or uppercase letters and get different outputs each time you tap the random case button.

Moreover, you can use this free tool for any text, and you can select only certain words if you want.

Most importantly, it works with any modern web browser, no installation is required.

In addition, it is one hundred percent safe to use and has no hidden features, so you don’t have to worry about your computer’s security.


How to convert text to Random Letters?

If you need to convert text to random letters, then here is the solution for you. Use this online random case converter to change the normal sentence into a sentence with random case letters.

What are the applications of random case letters?

There are a variety of uses for random case letters. You can either use them to create passwords and security keys or use them to generate stylish text to post on social platforms for fun.