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This amazing Space Case Converter allows you to easily remove multiple double spaces and convert special characters in your text into empty spaces. So, this amazing tool lets you clean your text document making it compact and readable.

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Space Case

The Space Case Converter is a very useful and much-needed tool when you need to clean up your text. This tool does exactly what its name says. So, It removes all double or multiple spaces in your text document and converts special characters like the asterisk (*), into empty spaces.

Case Converter

Online Text Space Case Converter

I’m sure you understand how it feels. Whenever you touch-type out a few sentences and suddenly, there is this long text with special characters.

So, it looks like it’s in another language, and you have no idea how to change it back into normal text.

Even if you try to retype or delete those special characters over and over again. Because of the missing spaces between words, it does not turn out as you expect it to. Moreover, it also consumes your valuable time.

This is where our amazing space case converter comes into play. It allows you to replace special characters with empty space so that your text looks normal once again.

Moreover, you can also eliminate multiple double spaces with this exciting tool with ease in a single click.

Space Case Converter - Features

Example Of Space Case

Text With Special Characters & Multiple Spaces Text In Space Case
I am the text .@ with special characters ^ and multiple spacesI am the text with space case

Features Of Constant Case

Let’s say that you have some content in your document, where you want to remove all the double or multiple spaces between the words in your text which you have typed by mistake.

This can be a real pain and often you may end up with a headache and you may even need to hire someone to do this job for you.

Not with this tool anymore. So, now you can easily do this job by yourself with a single click

First of all, this amazing tool incorporates two separate algorithms.

So, one algorithm finds and replaces multiple or double spaces with a single empty space.

Meanwhile, the other algorithm finds and replaces the unwanted special characters in the text file or document and replaces it with an empty space as well.


What is the function of Space Case Converter?

This amazing Space Case Converter helps you to keep your text clean and easy to read. If you are having a hard time reading your Text or Word documents because there are too many double or multiple spaces or special characters in the document, then this converter will help you remove them.

How to use this Space Case Converter?

This space case converter is not hard to use, just type in the text you want clean or normalize and click the “Space Case” button. That’s it! The resultant text should be ready for you to copy and paste into whatever document you need it in.