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Now you can use this free Binary to Decimal Converter to convert your large binary values into simple decimal values. Above all, you can perform these conversions with ease utilizing our user-friendly interface.


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Full-Screen Binary to Decimal Converter

Meanwhile, you can get highly accurate results in decimal values from the binary values while using this binary to the decimal calculator. In addition, you can use this converter in fullscreen mode to perform your conversions without distraction.

Online Binary to Decimal Converter

This converter makes it easier for its users to convert binary values to their respective decimal forms comfortably with high precision.

In simple words, you can convert the binary number system to a decimal number system using this advanced converter.

Additionally, use this binary calculator to perform Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction on binary values before converting them to decimal values.

How to use the Binary to Decimal Converter?

Just like its predecessors, this online converter is as simple as any other calculator on Calculator Bay.

Firstly, Enter your value in the binary form in the concerning input box. After that, tap on the “Convert to Decimal” button in order to get your decimal equivalent of the binary value.

In the next step, you can copy the resultant decimal representation of the binary value to use it somewhere else in your calculation or whatever you want to do with that information. At last, there is a reset button in this converter for reuse.

Features of Binary-to-Decimal Converter

Features of this Converter

For sure, this binary to a decimal calculator is diverse enough to perform conversions on the large binary numbers into their decimal form.

The converter has multiple interactive sections. So, the first section has a switch button to switch between different modes available in this calculator. 

Secondly, there is a dedicated section for users to enter their values in binary form. Next, there is a section that has a button to compute the conversion. After that, there is a result dialog box with two buttons.

Meanwhile, the first button allows users to copy the result in the clipboard, and the second button will enable users to reset the converter for reuse. The operation users can perform on this convertor is:

Convert binary number to unsigned decimal number.

Binary to Decimal Conversion Formula

We can determine the decimal equivalent of a binary number using the following relationship equation of the number system.

N = b0 20 + b1 21 + b2 22 + b3 23 + … bn 2n

So, the equation above demonstrates binary to decimal conversion rules. Meanwhile, N is the real decimal number in the equation. Subsequently, bn denotes binary numbers. Therefore, the decimal number is the sum of binary numbers(bn) into their exponent of two(2n).

Binary Vs. Decimal

Decimals are represented in the base 10 or radix 10 form. While on the other hand, the binary number of the system is represented in base 2 or radix 2 form.

Meanwhile, “base” or “radix” is the number of particular values or a set of values that the number system uses to represent a specific number or value.

Additionally, ten digits ranging from 0 to 9 represent the decimal numbers. On the other hand, just 2 digits, 0 and 1, illustrate the binary number system.

Binary to Decimal Conversion Table

Conversion table and Binary to the Decimal Chart

Download this Chart in PDF


How do you convert binary to decimal?

You can simply convert binary numbers into the decimal numbers using this formula  N = b0 20 + b1 21 + b2 22 + b3 23 + … bn 2n. Or you can simply use this binary to the decimal converter for the conversion of binary numbers into decimal numbers.

Each digit in binary coded decimal is known as?

Each digit in binary coded decimal or BCD8421 represents a bit where each bit has a value with respect to its column. The combination of these bits represents a decimal number.