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If you are tired of not finding a comprehensive calculator to calculate your due Zakat online. Most importantly, this Ramadan, find out whether you are eligible to give charity this year in the first place.

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Net Assets

Full-Screen Zakat Calculator

Zakat is an obligation for every eligible Muslim. However, it is determined based on Nisab. Zakat is payable at 2.5% of total wealth and possessions. Meanwhile, click on the link below the Calculator to calculate your Zakat online in fullscreen to avoid distractions.

Zakat Calculation Formula

The charity calculation formula is Current Assets * 2.5% = Zakat, and if the Zakat value is more than the current Nisab, then it is payable charity. Moreover, you can use this calculator to calculate your donations for this lunar year using the formula mentioned above.

Current Nisab threshold

Using the value of silver weighing 612.36 grams, the Current Nisab is approximately $428.66.

Using the value of gold weighing 87.48 grams, the Current Nisab is approximately $5148.93.

Note: These Nisab values are updated frequently in consideration with regional scholars as per gold rate and silver rate. Simultaneously, 1 tola gold or silver is equivalent to 11.66 grams of each, respectively.

Online Zakat Calculator

Calculator Bay offers a simple and easy-to-use Zakat Ramadan calculator to calculate Zakat in 2022. Firstly this calculator holds extensive features. Secondly, it keeps a pleasant user experience. Further, it enables its users to calculate their due contribution amount online with ease.

How to Use the Charity Calculator?

First of all, to calculate the benefaction in this Calculator, select the base Nisab, either gold or silver. The default value for the nisab here is silver.

Afterward, select the currency in which you are willing to calculate your due Zakat. There are plenty of options available in this section. You can choose the currency of your choice from US dollars to Pakistani rupees.

Our Calculator supports multiple international currencies to enable people from these regions to calculate their due Zakat in their respective currencies.

Zakat-Calculator Basic-Features

Declaring Assets

The next step is to state your assets and possessions, first of which is cash at your hand, then declare your money in banks. Afterward, communicate your other incomes,  investments, or the sort of money you have in your possession and rental properties. Lastly, report the number of money people owed to you. Mentioning all these statistics makes our Benefaction Calculator for business a viable choice.

You can use our simple calculator to calculate your net income in case of monthly salary.

Declaring Liabilities

Furthermore, declare your liabilities to determine your net assets. First, state the money you owe to people, then claim your feeding rents, bills, loans, debts, and any other bills.

Note: In the case of long-term liabilities or loans and mortgages, follow the example below for a better understanding. For Example:

Abdullah has savings of $5,000 and a $50,000 mortgage, which he pays in installments of $500 per month. If the due date comes around when his monthly payment is due, he will pay Zakat on $4,500.

Calculate Charity Online

Finally, now you can calculate your net assets to check whether you are eligible to pay Zakat for this year or not; for this purpose, hit the calculate button. Read this article if you are interested to learn more about this charity structure in Islam.

After calculating net assets, a dialog box will appear at the Calculator’s bottom, which will state your due Zakat payable for this year.

You can hit the reset button to rest the memory to use the calculator again. Remember that the Zakat is calculated as per the currency you have selected above. The default currency, in this case, is US dollars.

Features of Charity Calculator

Simple and Easy to use Calculator to calculate Zakat online.

This Calculator has Regional Nisab as per Gold and Silver, which is frequently updated in consideration with regional scholars. It allows calculating Zakat on gold and silver.

It is optimized for the ease of users with easy to understand UI(User Interface).

Useful for global users who find it difficult to compute their Zakat in their regional currencies.

Full-Screen Calculator to calculate Zakat with the support of Multiple international currencies.

Keyboard Support for desktop users and Touch support for mobile and PDA users.

Zakat-Calculator Detailed-Features

Variants of Calculator

Our Calculator has support for multiple international currencies. So which makes this Calculator diverse enough to use in these regions respectively.

Zakat Calculator USD – United States of America(USA)

Firstly, this Calculator offers to calculate the due Zakat in U.S. dollars($) for the United States of America residents. It is our default currency, as it is the most popular and standardized currency around the globe.

PKR – Zakat Calculator Pakistan

Secondly, for the residents of Pakistan, one of the largest Muslim nations. This calculator allows calculating the zakat amount in Pakistani rupees(Rs).

EUR – Zakat Calculator Euros(Europe)

Many Muslims live in Europe nowadays, and the Euro is also one of the most popular currencies. Therefore this Calculator also calculates the zakat amount in euros(€) for euro member countries.

QAR – Zakat Calculator Qatar

Further, if you are looking forward to calculating your due Zakat amount in Qatari Riyals(ر.ق), this Benefaction calculator has got you covered now you can calculate your Zakat value in Qatari riyal(ر.ق).

AED – Benefaction Calculator United Arab Emirates

Moreover, keeping in mind the vast presence of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates, this Calculator enables its users to calculate their Zakat in Emirati dirhams(د.إ). Hence our visitors from the UAE or Dubai can use our Zaka calculator AED to calculate their Zakat according to the lunar calendar.

BDT – Charity Calculator Bangladesh

Likewise, Bangladesh has approximately 90 percent Muslims of its total population. So users from Bangladesh can calculate their due zakat value in Bangladeshi taka(৳).

BHD – Benefaction Calculator Bahrain

Bahrain is a well-renowned Muslim country that has a devoted Muslim population. So we have a dedicated mode for our users from Bahrain where they can calculate their due Zakat in Bahraini dinars(.د.ب).

MYR – Zakat Calculator Malaysia

As we know, Malaysia has a significant Muslim population, so our users from Malaysia, precisely Kuala Lumpur, can determine their due Zakat in ringgits(RM).

SGD – Benefaction Calculator Singapore

Meanwhile, our Singapore users can calculate their due Zakat amounts in their local currency, Singapore dollars(S$).

OMR – Charity Calculator Oman

In the same vein, our users from Oman can calculate their Zakat for 2022 using our calculator in Omani riyals(ر.ع.).

KWD – Benefaction Calculator Kuwait

Furthermore, if you are looking to calculate your due Zakat amount in Kuwaiti Dinar(د.ك), one of the strongest currencies against dollars, we have got you covered. Now you can calculate your Zakat value in Kuwaiti Dinars(د.ك) here.

GBP – Zakat Calculator UK(United Kingdom)

The United Kingdom has the fastest-growing and devoted Muslim population. Therefore we have a dedicated mode for our users from the United Kingdom to compute their due Zakat in UK pounds(£). While calculating Zakat online, you can either base your Nisab on gold weight or silver weight.

SAR – Charity Calculator Saudi Arabia

While making the calculator for Zakat, one cannot merely ignore KSA, the Muslim pilgrim’s hub. Our users from Saudi Arabia can calculate their Zakat value in Saudi Rials(ر.س).

LKR – Benefaction Calculator Sri Lanka

We have a dedicated mode for our users from Sri Lanka to calculate their Zakat in the Srilankan Rupees(Ɍs).

NGN – Aid Calculator Nigeria

People from Nigeria can use our extensive calculator to calculate their Zakat online in Nigerian Nairas(₦).

Calculator – Other Modes

Similarly, our Calculator has extended support for our users from the respective regions given below, making our Calculator globally acknowledged.

INR – Zakat Calculator India

Although India has a significant Hindu population, its Muslim population is not less. Therefore we have a model where our users from India can calculate their Zakat in Indian Rupees(₹).

AUD – Charity Calculator Australia

Similarly, our users from Australia can calculate their due zakat amounts in Australian Dollars(A$) using our dedicated mode, which allows the calculations in Australian Dollars.

CAD – Zakat Calculator Canada

Likewise, our Muslim users from Canada’s premises can calculate their Zakat amounts in Canadian Dollars(C$) using our calculator.

NZD – Zakat Calculator New Zealand

In the same vein, Muslim people from New Zealand can calculate their Zakat amounts in New Zealand Dollars(NZ$). They can also check whether they are eligible to pay their Zakat this year or not.

ZAR – Benefaction Calculator South Africa

Most Importantly, our users based in South Africa can use our Calculator to calculate their Zakat for the year 2022 in South African Rand(R).

ANG – Zaqat Calculator Netherlands Antilles, Guilders

As far as the people of Netherlands Antilles, Guilders are concerned, they can calculate their due Zakat in Florins(ƒ), using our dedicated Zakat Calculator 2022.

Calculator for SEK – Sweden

Moreover, people residing in Sweden can also use our Calculator to calculate their Zakat for the year 2022 in Swedish Kronor(KR).

IDR – Benefaction Calculator Indonesia

Finally, in the most populous Muslim country, people from Indonesia can use our calculator to compute their Zakat online this year in Indonesian Rupiahs(Rp).


How do you calculate Zakat?

Zakat is calculated on the current assets after deducting liabilities from the net assets. If the current assets are less than the current Nisab, then Zakat Payable = current assets * 2.5%. Use this calculator to Calculate your Zakat now.

How is Zakat calculated on gold?

Zakat on gold is calculated in the same way. The sole difference is that the current Nisab on gold is different from silver as per recent updates. The current Nisab on gold weighing 87.48 grams, approximately $5,399.78.  Use this calculator to Calculate your Zakat on Gold now.

How do you calculate Zakat on rupees?

The Zakat on rupees is calculated in the same sense, and only the calculations are performed in rupees. Meanwhile, Nisab is also determined in rupees. Calculator Bay features a calculator which allows its users to calculate their due Zakat in rupees.

How is Zakat calculated in Pakistan?

The Zakat in Pakistan is calculated on the current assets. Meanwhile, Zakat is payable at 2.5% of current wealth and possessions. Use our online Zakat calculator to calculate your Zakat this Ramadan with ease.

What are Zakat calculation rules?

Calculation rules for the Zakat are quite simple: it is payable at 2.5% of the current assets. The only complication lies in the calculation of the current Nisab. But you don’t need to worry our team frequently updates the currents Nisab values in consideration with regional scholars.

How to calculate Zakat on salary?

If you are looking forward to calculating your due Zakat this year on salary, use our online calculator to calculate your net income, then use this calculator to determine your payable Zakat this Ramadan.