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Now our users can easily find out what to pay as a tip at the restaurant bars or anywhere else where they are supposed to give the gratuity based on the service using this quick tip calculator.

Tip Calculator


Full-Screen Tip Calculator

Furthermore, if you have already been using our calculators, you would be familiar with the fact that we have a full-screen variant of each of the calculators available on this website so you can calculate without distractions. Additionally, there is a bonus guide for you on tipping practices around the world later in this article; don’t miss that.

Online Gratuity Calculator

This calculator is mainly designed to help our users determine how much tip they should pay based on the service. Moreover, If you are in a group, you can always split the bill among each of you guys. Similarly, the tip is calculated based on different service categories that we have embedded in this calculator.

Most Importantly, there is no need to purchase any fancy tip calculators when you can do that online,  mind the phrase that Morty said in sitcom Seinfeld,

“Morty: How could you spend 200 dollars on a tip calculator?” Seinfeld | Season-09 | Episode-15 – The Wizard

How to Use the Tip Calculator?

This calculator is quite simple to use and more personalized than Google’s tip calculator. All you need is a good internet connection and a decent device that can either be a personal computer or mobile phone, and you can calculate the tip for your service with no need to download any apps or software on the go, whether you are traveling, going to work, or with family and friends.

So, to calculate the gratuity, follow the steps of this tutorial. First of all, enter the sum of the bill with tax. After that, select one of the services based on how the servers or employees served you. Additionally, you can enter the number of people sharing the bill if you guys are out in a group. 

Finally, hit the calculate button to find out an estimate of the tip, round it up to whole figures for each of you guys to pay. Moreover, you guys can hit the reset button anytime to reuse the calculator. Furthermore, users can use this percentage calculator for reverse percentage calculations and more.

Features of Tip Calculator

Features of the Calculator

If you are in a watch of a straightforward and quick tip distribution calculator, then you are at the right place. Our users can use this calculator to compute the tip for different services such as tip for pizza at a restaurant or by a delivery guy, for a car service, for a brilliant tattoo, for a haircut in the saloon by a barber, for your Uber driver, for Lyft driver, for your dog groomer, for movers and pickup staff.

Users can efficiently operate this calculator on their Apple Smart Watches,  iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, iPads, and Personal Computers running different operating systems such as Windows, IOS, and Ubuntu due to its responsive design.

The dollar is used as a reference currency in this program; you can use any other currency such as euros, rand, and pesos for gratuity calculation.

Users can easily split the gratuity among themselves if they are out in a group with this tip divider calculator.

This calculator calculates the appropriate tip amount with respect to five different predefined categories of service. Therefore the reward amount can vary as per the service categories which are mentioned below:

Outstanding Service

In case of superb service, you can select this category for tip payment, and our calculator will compute the tip as 30 percent of the total bill, including sales tax. For example, your total bill is $250, then your tip amount for this category would be 30 percent of the $250, which is $75 precisely.

Good Service

If you feel like you were treated with good service, this category would be the best fit for computing the gratuity. The gratuity in this category will be 20% of the total bill. For instance, if your total bill is $150, then the bonus would be $30 for this category, which means you can pay $30 as a tip on top of the total bill.

OK Service

Moreover, if your service was just ok, you can opt for this category in which the tip amount will be 15% of your total invoice. For instance, if your full invoice is 150 dollars, then the fringe benefit amount computed in this category would be $22, being 15% of the total bill.

Bad Service

In the event of substandard service, this category will compute the total tip amount being 10% of the total bill or paycheck.

Terrible Service

It is ok to opt for not paying a tip at all in case of terribly wrong service. If you are willing to pay the tip amount anyways, you can select this category, in which the calculator will compute the tip amount being just 5% of your invoice.

Equation of Tip Calculator Formula

Total Tip = Bill Amount × Percentage / Number of People

Tipping Guide & Gratuity Culture Around the World

Here is the explanation of the tipping culture around the world in different places. This guide might come in handy and do the trick for you if you are on holiday in one of these regions, as the tipping culture is quite diverse throughout the world. 

In some regions, people might appreciate gratuity, while in some areas, it can be derogatory, so read this guide to avoid embarrassment.

North American Culture

People tend to tip more frequently on almost every service in North America. For instance, in Canada, tipping 15-20% is the norm. Usually, people from regions like Quebec, Vancouver BC, Toronto, and Ontario are likely to tip their servers more often. 

If you opt for the card payment in Canada, they usually prompt you to the tipping manual on the card machines for a price inclusive of tax.

Similarly, in the USA, people are deep into tipping on around every form of service. Significantly people from these vibrant states, including Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Vermont, Boston of Massachusetts MA, New York, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Hartford, Connecticut CT, Richmond, Virginia VA, Burlington Vermont VT, Washington WA, Providence, Rhode Island, New Hampshire Nh, and Minneapolis Minnesota MN frequently tip hefty amount to their servers based on the hours they have worked.

South American Customs

Like North America, tipping is practiced more often in South American countries as well. As in Brazil, a 10% tip is included in the bill usually, and you can always add an extra 5% from your side as a good gesture.

European Traditions

In Germany, usually, 15% tip is added to the bill, and people tend to pay an extra 5% if they really enjoy the service. Moreover, in England of UK 10-15% gratuity is added to the bill and remember no tip in the pubs of London. Whereas in Holland, usually, a 5% tip is included in the bill so, you can leave an extra 10%. Meanwhile, in Italy, 15% is already included in the statement.

Moreover, in Spain, usually, 5-10% tip is included in the payment receipt, and you can always leave 5% extra as a good gesture. On the other hand, in France, the inclusion of a 15% tip is a norm.

Middle Eastern Norms

Particularly tipping is not a norm in Middle Eastern countries; meanwhile, you can always tip your server as a gesture of gratitude if you really enjoyed the buffet meal. In contrast, people might expect gratuity from you in Dubai, UAE, the Middle East’s tourist hub.

African Culture

In Southern parts of Africa, there is a trend of tipping. Generally, in South Africa and Zimbabwe, 10-15% tip is customary and practiced more often.

Asian Customs

Asian societies generally don’t appreciate tipping like in Japan, people don’t accept gratuity at all, even if you insist. Similarly, no tipping in China as well. Meanwhile, in some South Asian regions, people might take the bonus if you insist, but it’s not a tradition there, and your tip might end up being declined most of the time, especially if you are a foreigner.

In the subcontinent, people would even waive off your bill if you are from foreign lands as they are culturally hospitable. Although, there is a trend of tipping among locals, and they call it “baksheesh”.

Chart of Tip Calculator Worksheet

Comprehensive Tipping Guide - Calculatorbay
Tip calculator cheat sheet


What makes this tip calculator a better choice?

This calculator is relatively easy to use; simply enter the total amount of your bill, the percentage for the tip, the number of people splitting the bill, and after that, hit the calculate button to get the percentage tip for each person on the go.

Is it necessary to pay the tip?

It is not necessary to pay the tip on the top of the bill, but in some regions, it is considered customary, and we will recommend going along with the traditions of the area.