Constant Case Converter

This amazing Constant Case Converter helps you convert your text into the constant case. Meanwhile, the constant case is a style of writing where each word in a sentence is written in uppercase, where the underscore separates each word instead of empty space. This style of writing is common in naming constants in programming languages.

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Most importantly, in programming, it is best to create descriptive names for your variables so that you can easily understand what they represent. Constant names are no different. In general, constant names should be all-caps with underscores between words. For example, you would name calculator bay as CALCULATOR_BAY.

Case Converter

Online Text Constant Case Converter

Constant Case Converter is a free utility that helps you convert your text into constant case in a fast and easy way.

Meanwhile, constant case helps programmers by increasing the amount of information that can be conveyed in fewer characters.

The constant name and value are clearly shown at the same glance, which speeds up communication and reduces the chance of error.

Constant names are of great importance to program readability, because they describe what something is or does, unlike variable names which describe where or when something is stored.

By definition, these names never change throughout the program; therefore they are usually written in constant case as a reminder that no changes should be made to them.

Constant Case Converter - Features

Example Of Constant Case

Text In Normal Letter Case Text In Constant Letter Case
I am in normal letter caseI_AM_IN_CONSTANT_LETTER_CASE

Features Of Constant Case

Constant case text is often seen in programming language definitions, especially those derived from the C programming language or Java. A constant case has the following traits:

First of all, each letter in the word is in a capital or upper case.

Secondly, underscore separates each letter from another.

Meanwhile, no hyphen or dash can be used.

Finally, constant case can be applied to words or phrases, and to whole sentences as well.


Why is it important to use constant case?

Using normal text case is fine too but when you want to use the value of your constant in a calculation or any other operation, it is easier if the constant name is already in constant case. Moreover, constant case is much easier to read and understand. In addition, it also helps other programmers to understand your code with ease.

How to convert simple text into constant case?

Converting simple text into constant case is quite simple. With the help of this constant case converter you can easily do this job. Simply enter your text in the dedicated textbox and tap on the “CONSTANT_CASE” to get the results.