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Welcome to this online case converter, where you can change the letter case of text, such as from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa. Consequently, this converter can format text files in a consistent case as per your requirements.

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If you’ve been typing with caps lock on, and realize too late that some of your words were in the wrong format – don’t fret! Just select the case you want to use to get back what was lost.

Online Text Case Converter

This online case converter tool is a fantastic way to ensure your writing looks professional and well-crafted. 

Notably, this tool lets you change the case or format of your text. Which allows you to display your content in its best light. 

Moreover, this case conversion tool offers multiple letter case formats each tailored for different purposes. So you can select an appropriate case for each! 

Most importantly, this tool costs nothing; simply type or paste some text in the text area then click on the case variant of your choice from the given list for an instant conversion that will fit your needs perfectly.

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Available Text Case Conversions

It will no longer matter whether the letters in a word are in the desired case or not. Because you can use the case converter tool to correct the format.

This website makes it easy to change the case of a word so that all the letters are correctly formatted.

This online letter case case converter allows you to convert your text into multiple formats or text cases.

You can easily use one of these available formats to convert your text file or document into the required text format without any hassle.

Sentence Case Converter

Change the way you write forever with this case converter. Now you can turn any text into fully formed structured sentences by simply pasting it in, and get all of that hard work done for you. 

This case will capitalize each sentence’s very first letter making text formatting easier for you. Moreover, every subsequent letter gets converted from lowercase to uppercase after a full stop is encountered.

Sentence case which is also known as “down style” or “reference style” is a widely accepted text case or format. Sentence case is used in publications such as newspapers all around the world specifically in the United States and the UK. 

In particular, it’s widely adopted by all British-based media companies to list items like publications, and articles.

Lower Case Converter

If you have a text file or document in an uneven text case or unusual format. You can easily convert the content of your text files into the lower case with a simple click to make it readable.

This will not only convert the content of your text files into the lower case but also make it easier for the readers to comprehend the content from it effortlessly.

Upper Case Converter

Now you can easily convert your text into upper case format with a click. Particularly you can use this function of this amazing case converter to convert each letter of your text into capitals.

Upper case letters indicate important words and phrases in a text.

They can be used to emphasize titles of books, advertisements that have something unique about them (like their logo), headlines for newspaper articles or signs near buildings with an interesting message on them- anything which needs extra attention from readers!

Capitalized Case Converter

This other amazing function of this useful online tool lets you capitalize the first letter of each word in your sentence to make your sentence pop out and capture the attention of the reader. This particular function comes in handy when you are using the capitalized case format in your text document.

Alternating Case Converter

This particular function lets you format your text in an alternative case format where each subsequent letter in a word is in a different case, one in capital and one in lowercase.

An alternating case is a text format that is used online usually in online conversations. Few people use it to make a particular section of their content pop up and stand out from the rest of the text. This function has multiple applications and they vary as per the taste of the user.

Title Case Converter

Title case is another widely used text format in which all the starting letters of each word in a sentence are in the capital case except for articles, conjunctions and prepositions. Make your content shine with the title case. 

This handy tool takes your text and converts it to a title case, making every word stand out. Whether you’re sending a formal email or publishing a blog post, this format will surely make your work look great.

Inverse Case Converter

This amazing method of our online tool lets you replace each letter of your text with the opposite or inverse case. For example, the capital case is converted into small case meanwhile lower case is converted into uppercase respectively.

Camel Case Converter

This handy tool ensures that your work looks professional and polished if you are a programmer. This method converts the first letter of your sentence into lower case and replaces the first letters of subsequent words with capital letters meanwhile the empty space between words is removed.

It is a common nomenclature used in programming and many programmers around the globe follow this case format to name variables, functions, etc.

Space Case Converter

This amazing functionality of our tool is useful in a case when you want to replace the special characters separating the words with empty space to make your text look normal. 

This functionality saves you a ton of time and you don’t have to rewrite your sentences from scratch. You can just use this method and convert your text with special characters into plain text with ease.

Constant Case Converter

It is another typography format that is practiced online. In this format, the spaces in between your words are replaced with underscores (_) and each letter is capitalized. So you can use this functionality of our tool in order to convert your plaintext into a constant case format.

Dot Case Converter

This is another amazing functionality of our tool which lets you replace the empty spaces in between your words in a sentence with a dot or full stop (.). This functionality can come in handy while naming files or variables and other objects if you follow dot case nomenclature.

Header Case Converter

Headers are not case sensitive but it is a usual practice to capitalize the first letter of each word in a header. Therefore if you are keen to follow the convention you can use this functionality of our tool to convert your plaintext into a header case with ease.

Hyphen Case Converter

This amazing functionality of this case converter tool lets you replace the empty spaces in between your words with hyphens (-). Meanwhile, his functionality comes in handy while naming files or configuring URL paths. Hence making the job of naming files easier for users especially for programmers.

Pascal Case Converter

Make your code look pretty with the Pascal case conversion of this tool! This simple tool makes converting plain text into a Pascal case effortless. While in Pascal case, spaces between words in a sentence are removed and the first letter of each word is capitalized.

Path Case Converter

Path case conversion is another amazing feature which is a must-have tool for anyone who works with code. It easily converts your text into a path case by replacing the empty spaces between words with a forward slash (/), making your workflows a breeze.

Meanwhile, the applications of this format are quite diverse. So, you can use it to configure URL path or file path from plain text.

Snake Case Converter

This handy functionality of this tool is perfect for converting your text into snake case text. Snake case is usually used in computer programming nomenclature to name variables or files. 

This style of writing replaces each space with an underscore (_), and the first letter of every word in lower case.

Whether you’re a student writing a paper, a developer coding a new project, or just need to format some text in snake case, this converter is the perfect solution. It’s fast, easy to use, and best of all, it’s free!

Random Case Converter

This is another use case of this handy online tool using which you can convert your text into a random case format for fun. Most importantly, this text case makes your content fun to read and exciting for your readers.

Features Of This Case Converter

You can do most of these tasks available on this case converter in traditional word processing softwares such as Word, Notepad and Google Docs. 

However, the process can be lengthy and tiresome sometimes. When that happens, this tool makes your job easier. Meanwhile, key features of this tool which make it stand out are:

The user-friendly design of this tool makes it simple and convenient to use.

Additionally, the top bar of this tool allows you to keep track of your content’s word count, character count, and line count.

While this is happening, you can use the reset button to restore the state of your content to its initial state.

In addition, you can undo recent changes you made to the content of the text area using the undo button.

Moreover, it is possible to redo the undone tasks saved in the memory using the redo button.

Furthermore, you can use the copy button to copy the content of the text area to your clipboard.

Finally, you can use the clear button to wipe out the content of the text area.

How To Use This Case Converter

Easy to use and simple to understand, this online tool is a great resource.

Simply paste your content into the text area and hit the case converter function of your choice to get the desired results.

The top bar will give you a character, word, and line count.

Additionally, you can use the undo and redo buttons to retrieve information from the saved memory. 

Alternatively, you can tap the clear button to completely erase the content of the text area or press the reset button to reset its content to its initial state. 

Moreover, you can also use the copy button to copy the content of the text area directly into your clipboard so you can paste it into your desired document and reuse it to serve its main purpose.


How do you convert cases?

The simple way to convert case is to use this online case converter tool and change your text into your desired case format instantly with ease.

How do you convert everything into caps?

You can simply tap on the upper case button on this case converter and convert everything into caps in a snap without any hassle.

How do you make text not have caps?

If you have accidentally typed your text with caps on, you don’t need to worry you can use this case converter and change your text into a desirable text format easily.