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Find your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, or measure how many calories you burned today using Calculator Bay’s quick and accurate TDEE calculator based on BMR.

TDEE Calculator

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Full-Screen TDEE Calculator

This calculator computes your total daily energy expenditure and Basal Metabolic Rate with high precision. Meanwhile, you can use our full-screen TDEE Calculator to avoid distractions while calculating your TDEE and BMR.

Online TDEE Calculator

Online TDEE Calculator enables its users to compute their total energy expenditure on the go with high accuracy. Meanwhile, you can also determine your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) in this high precision calculator.

How to use the TDEE Calculator?

First of all, this free TDEE Calculator with BMR is relatively easy to use. So, it allows you to calculate your TDEE and BMR at the comfort of a few clicks. Firstly select your gender in the dialog box as the TDEE varies in the males and females, respectively.

Secondly, select your height from the Height drop-down., Afterwards, choose your age and your current weight in the lbs. Meanwhile, mention your body fat percentage; you can skip this course of action as it is totally optional.

In the end, choose your activity level, and you are good to calculate your TDEE and BMR. Meanwhile, hit the calculate button, a dialog box will appear showcasing your TDEE. Most Importantly, this dialog box exhibits your BMR as well.

Features of TDEE Calculator

Features of TDEE Calculator

This advanced calculator has a total of four interactive sections. So, its first section is where you are required to report your Gender, Height, Age, Weight, Body Fat percentage, and Activity or Exercise Level. TDEE Activity level comprises of the following options:

Sedentary (Offie Job | Average Steps | Without Exercise).

Light Exercise (1-2 Days/Week).

Moderate Exercise (3-5 Days/Week).

Heavy Exercise (6-7 Days/Week | Weight Lifters).

Athlete (Cardio 2 Times/Day | Running).

While, In the next two sections, you have controls to calculate your TDEE online or reset the calculator’s memory to learn your Total Daily Energy Expenditure again.

Meanwhile, the last section of this calculator holds your calculated TDEE and BMR in the shape of calories.

Few More Features

You can calculate your accurate TDEE with ease based on BMR.

Easy to use and easy to understand User Interface.

Calculator Bay offers a Fullscreen TDEE calculator for the determination of TDEE and BMR on the Full Screen.

Desktop and PC users can enjoy keyboard support.

Touch support for the users using our online TDEE and BMR Calculator on their mobile phones, tablets, and touch-supported devices.

BMR Formula | Chart

The Mifflin – St Jeor BMR equation for men and women is as follows:

The Metric Formula for Men

BMR = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) − (5 × age in years) + 5

The Imperial Formula for Men

BMR = (4.536 × weight in pounds) + (15.88 × height in inches) − (5 × age) + 5

The Metric Formula for Women

BMR = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) − (5 × age in years) − 161

The Imperial Formula for Women

BMR = (4.536 × weight in pounds) + (15.88 × height in inches) − (5 × age) − 161

This Mifflin – St Jeor formula is relatively more accurate than that of the Harris-Benedict Equation; therefore, we have used Mifflin’s equation to determine BMR, making our TDEE calculator insanely accurate.

You can use the formulae given above to find out your BMR using our Basic Calculator.

BMR Formula-Chart for TDEE Calculator


What is TDEE Definition?

TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure based on your activity level. TDEE is calculated based on how active your daily life is or what activities you perform throughout your day.

How to calculate BMR manually?

We have mentioned the formula to calculate the BMR for men and women, respectively. Use those formulae in the Online Calculator to calculate your BMR manually. And for the calculation of TDEE, we would suggest using TDEE Calculator to avoid complications.

What is Moderate Exercise?

Light or moderate exercise is such exercise in which your heart rate remains moderate and under control. Water aerobics, dancing (ballroom or social), gardening, and tennis (doubles) are moderate exercises or activities.